He will probably eat it ok but if he doesn't, just dissolve it in a little 
bit of water and put it on the dry food.  If he will eat the dry food 
without it, he will eat it with dissolved lysine, at least I have never had 
one refuse to eat it.  Some of mine did refuse to eat it before I dissolved 


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From: "Caroline Kaufmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: [Felvtalk] Lysine added to dry food?

> My felv+ foster Manny is going to his new home tonight (with lots of 
> instructions, favorite toys, and probably some lingering anxiety from 
> me!).  Manny has been a finnicky canned food eater ever since I've had 
> him- which has sucked b/c that is how I like to get supplements in him 
> like lysine and added water.  But he loves loves loves the Eagle Pack 
> Holistic Dry (which I have all my fosters on)--  LOVES IT.  As much I 
> would like to convert all my cats to all canned- they just love their 
> Eagle Pack dry too much.  And they have the most awesome coats- I get 
> compliments on my fosters all the time- how good they look, none are fat, 
> no dander, shiny, soft coats-- thus, I am very happy with the Holistic. 
> But all my fosters also get Holistic canned everyday, with water and 
> supplements added, so I am sure that helps keeping them look great too. 
> Manny will occasionally eat the Holistic canned, but he won't eat it in 
> back to back feedings or two days in a row (he's nutty).  I originally 
> tried to feed him a diet of Wellness canned only and he just stopped 
> eating it totally (waste of expensive food)!  That is when I switched him 
> to Eagle Pack.  So as far as sending him to his new home with feeding and 
> supplment instructions, his new mom says she doesn't want to change 
> anything b/c he looks so gorgeous and his coat is so wonderful, so she 
> will keep him on the Holistic Dry.  I've asked that she occassionally give 
> him some canned Holistic, but warned that he won't eat it 2 days in a row.
> I'd like to send her with instructions to add powdered Lysine to his dry 
> food and was wondering if people thought this will work?  I have done it a 
> few times with him and he seemed to not notice/care, but it hasn't been my 
> primary way of administering lysine b/c I did keep up with giving him 
> canned food every few days.  I think it will work tho b/c he loves his 
> Holistic so much, I seriously doubt he won't eat it due to the Lysine 
> powder.  Also, what is a good maintenance dose?  He is as healthy as a 
> horse, so I just want to provide it to them as a preventative measure.
> thanks
> caroline
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