Couple of points I disagree with:
> When the vet suggests chemo for this cancer, you have to know that they are 
> reccommending this as a life-prolonging treatment that will at best, prolong 
> the cat's life by only a few months.
This is not true in more cases than not, even with FeLV+ cats, I'm on a 
feline lymphoma list and there have been several FeLV+ cats with cancer 
on there.  One that comes to mind in particular is Samba, he is FeLV+ 
and had chemo, yes it was hard on him but he has been in remission for 
over 4 years, he just recently in the last month or so came out of 
remission and this second time around the chemo is not working as well, 
he is in fact quite sick this time and they don't give him much of a 
chance (I'm still praying for a miracle and sending healing energy).  
BUT for the last 4 years he has been doing great and hasn't been on 
chemo for 3 1/2 of those.  They did stop the chemo because he became 
septic after 6 months but without those 6 months of chemo which for the 
most part he handle fairly well, he would have died long ago.

Yes, chemo is hard on the body, with or without FeLV but if you find a 
good oncologist or internal specialist who really knows what they are 
doing you you can have some miraculous results.  Not every internal 
specialist or oncologist is created equal.   I personally will do 
everything within my power to try and save my furkids when they are 
sick, sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn't, but I will never have 
to wonder if only I had tried this would they still be here, that for me 
is something I can not live with.

If I had human kids it would be the same way, I would do whatever I had 
to to make them well, just because initially they may not feel so good, 
if it means they may get cured, for me it is worth it.  Once they are 
old enough to make their own decisions then they can do what they want 
with their lives.

I feel this way because I have seen a miracle or two and I would never 
give up without trying everything.  And if I am ever sick, I expect 
whoever is taking care of me to do the same, we all have free will ... 
if I don't want to go on, I can make that choice and then nothing anyone 
does will change the out come.

My grandmother years ago died of a broken heart when she lost her 
daughter, nothing anybody said or did was going to change that, she just 
didn't want to live anymore, there was nothing physically wrong with 
her, she had just lost the will to live and died peacefully in her sleep 
3 weeks after her daughter.

Every person has their own belief system and they should do what is 
right for them according to what their beliefs are.  I personally do 
believe there is more after we leave here, but I'm in no hurry to go ... 
it'll all still be there when I get there!!

*PS. * It is true that most vets will tell someone that chemo won't help 
and only give the patient a few months, but I know many, many cats 
parents on the feline lymphoma list who were told just that, and their 
furkids are alive, in remission and well today, years later.
*P.S.S. *Some of those cats that went into remission and died years 
later died of something other than cancer, heart disease, kidney 
disease, they never did get come out of remission.

Just wanted to give another side to cancer and chemo ...


happiness is being owned by cats ...

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