I'm convinced that cats that have this disease are very special little 
creatures.  I no longer have a positive cat but the girl we have now was a 
rescued cat, seized from this horrible pet store owner.  She was lucky in 
the sense that she was taken in by a rescue group and spent 2 months being 
rehabilitated.  I understand the diagnosis was feline herpes virus.  You'd 
never know she had been so close to death now.  The only reminder of her 
illness is a scar on her one eye.  She's a persian and the most loving cat 
we've owned.  She comes to bed with me every night but won't go to sleep 
until Bob comes up to tell her how beautiful she is.  She is just so 
endearing and so smart, very clingy, not like the boys we've had in the past 
who were a little more independent.

When we lost BooBoo the vet introduced us to another positive cat "Baby" 
whose owners were not certain they wanted her after learning about her 
disease.  We were ready to take her home but the owners had a change of 
heart, which is good.  Still, I wouldn't hesitate to take on another.  I 
learned a lot from BooBoo as hopeless as his case was and now just losing 
Lennie, I realize that both Bob and I are quite capable of handling all the 
sorrow that eventually goes along with owning cats but am reassured that we 
do the best we can for them and in the end it enriches all of our lives.

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> That's a good question Lynne ...I don't know and my vet is learning
> from the information
> that Gloria sent to me, via Tally.
> I became interested when I read that paper published by the French
> veterinarians that stated
> that interferon was the only treatment that they thought improved the
> quality and longevity


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