My son found kiwi beside his dead sibling in the woods.  Kiwi was actually very 
healthy.  We cleaned him up and gave him kitten formula.  The next day we took 
him to our local vet who thought he was between 
2  1/2 to 3 weeks old.  He would not suck on the kitten nipple bottle so we 
feed him through a dropper.  He acted as though we could not feed him fast 
enough.  He loved his kitten formula.  We did everything for him a mom cat 
would do.  He thrived.  When he was about 3 months old one of my daughters took 
the kitten to the vet because she was also taking her cat.  Everything looked 
good until they did the fel Luk test.  It came take positive.  We were all 
shocked.   The vet asked us what we wanted to do.  Like do we want them to put 
him to sleep.  I couldn't believe it.  This active happy go lucky kitten.  I 
couldn't imagine doing something like that.   We were worried about the other 
cat, who had been immunized against it.  He came back negative.  Well, this was 
last summer.  Now he is a year old and has been fixed and tested positive 
again.  We think he might have gotten it from his farel mother's milk.  All 
this time we were trying to place him in a foster home, because we had two dogs 
and another cat.  There has not been any openings, I think possibly because he 
is felv positive.  Right now he has diarrhea and some guk in his eyes.  But he 
does act fine.  I do feed him dry food because he throws up wet food.  He needs 
to see a vet, but I don't have the money.  I know with dogs if they get an 
upset stomack and have diarrhea, chicken breast is good.  I am wondering if 
chicken breast might be helpful for cats also.  I am also exploring to see if I 
can sign him up with Bandfield at Petsmart.  I would get the top plan which is 
about $30.00.  I figure it's better then nothing.  I think most lab work is 
included.  And I also think they he will need plenty of blood test to check his 
blood count.  Any advise is very welcomed.  Thanks!  P.S.  wish I could send 
pictures of him!

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