I hope everything turns out OK for the little guy.  Will Bandfield take him 
and not exclude anything to do with pre-existing conditions?  Will they take 
a FeLV+ cat at all?  I would guess they wouldn't cover him but would be very 
happy to hear they would.


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> My son found kiwi beside his dead sibling in the woods.  Kiwi was actually 
> very healthy.  We cleaned him up and gave him kitten formula.  The next 
> day we took him to our local vet who thought he was between
> 2  1/2 to 3 weeks old.  He would not suck on the kitten nipple bottle so 
> we feed him through a dropper.  He acted as though we could not feed him 
> fast enough.  He loved his kitten formula.  We did everything for him a 
> mom cat would do.  He thrived.  When he was about 3 months old one of my 
> daughters took the kitten to the vet because she was also taking her cat. 
> Everything looked good until they did the fel Luk test.  It came take 
> positive.  We were all shocked.   The vet asked us what we wanted to do. 
> Like do we want them to put him to sleep.  I couldn't believe it.  This 
> active happy go lucky kitten.  I couldn't imagine doing something like 
> that.   We were worried about the other cat, who had been immunized 
> against it.  He came back negative.  Well, this was last summer.  Now he 
> is a year old and has been fixed and tested positive again.  We think he 
> might have gotten it from his farel mother's milk.  All this time we were 
> trying to place him in a foster home, because we had two dogs and another 
> cat.  There has not been any openings, I think possibly because he is felv 
> positive.  Right now he has diarrhea and some guk in his eyes.  But he 
> does act fine.  I do feed him dry food because he throws up wet food.  He 
> needs to see a vet, but I don't have the money.  I know with dogs if they 
> get an upset stomack and have diarrhea, chicken breast is good.  I am 
> wondering if chicken breast might be helpful for cats also.  I am also 
> exploring to see if I can sign him up with Bandfield at Petsmart.  I would 
> get the top plan which is about $30.00.  I figure it's better then 
> nothing.  I think most lab work is included.  And I also think they he 
> will need plenty of blood test to check his blood count.  Any advise is 
> very welcomed.  Thanks!  P.S.  wish I could send pictures of him!
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