> There is a new product for diarrhea (Purina?). Maybe someone else remembers
> what it's called. May need a vet to provide it. Not sure.
> I wouldn't sit on either problem. Good you are acting.
> Prayers for Kiwi.
> L
> Iowa
> You do not need a vet to provide Fortiflora, if that is what you are
talking about...Purina makes it.

Fortiflora:  *http://tinyurl.com/4zp9h5

*My vet swears by Diarsanyl  :  *http://tinyurl.com/6cpowb

*He says it contains volcanic earth, and to quote him "sounds like hippie
stuff, but it works."

I keep both in my arsenal of kitty diarrhea remedies.  Usually if one does
not work, the other will.


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