Congratulations Sue!!!  To you and to Buzz!  

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Some of you may remember my FeLV+ kitty, Buzz, had  anemia a couple of months 
ago.  His red blood cell level was down to 8% and the replacement vet gave him 
two days to live.  Because of the advise of people from this list I demanded he 
be put on Doxycycline, and when my regular vet came back he also put him on 
prednesone.  His blood levels have been steadily rising since then.  He 
finished the Doxy and two weeks ago we started to back off on the Prednesone 
when his red blood level was at 32%.  He was just tested again and his level is 
38%.  I feel like he is a miracle kitty!  We hear so many of the very sad 
stories on this list that it feels good to report something happy.  Thank you 
all so much for your help and support.

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