This forum is such an amazing source of support.  I take comfort in 
knowing that there are so many people out there who love their cats 
dearly.    I work at a wonderful animal shelter where the calls come in 
each day from people who have every excuse imaginable about why they 
"need" to give up their cats and dogs.  Many people will provide the 
excuse that they are moving or that they have become suddenly allergic 
to the cat they've had for more than a decade.  But there are people 
who are honest enough to say they're tired of the shedding, or sick of 
the hairballs, or the cat has been eliminating outside of the box, or 
the kids have lost interest, or the cat is in kidney failure or is 
diabetic......  It's enough to make an animal lover give up on people.  
  But the people who share on this list serve as a reminder that there 
are wonderful people out there.  That knowledge makes it so much easier 
to get through each day.

Thank you to every one of you.

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Prayers coming for Michelle's Patches!


At 05:37 PM 9/7/2008, you wrote:
>Hi again all,
>Strangely I was just wondering this a.m. how Michelle's Patches was
>doing, and thinking I must email her, and then when I came into work,
>there was the email from her (below). (For those who don't know
>Michelle, she was a tireless, dedicated source of knowledge and support
>on the list for many years).
>Thanks for your prayers for Patches.
>Kerry M.
>Hi, Kerry. Can I bother you to ask the list for prayers again? Patches
>had been doing a lot better for a couple of weeks-- her hematocrit was
>going up (and maybe still is-- she looks quite pink), she gained 
>she was getting more active and had started eating some on her own
>again. But the last few days she has looked worse than when we brought
>her to the hospital with the pancreatitis. She had the strongest chemo
>drug 8 days ago, so we thought it was that, but she does not seem to be
>improving. She lays in one spot all day and only gets up to use the
>litterbox, and looks weak when she does. She seems nauseous too. She 
>gained a lot of weight and we think the vets were telling us to feed 
>too much through her tube, and we are wondering if her pancreatitis has
>been aggravated by this. Or, of course, the cancer could be back. We 
>planning on taking her to the hospital tomorrow afternoon when her
>internist is in, to see if they can ultrasound her and if she! needs IV
>fluids.  Prayers always seem to help, though, so I thought I would ask.
>thanks as always, and I hope you and yours are ok,
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