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I am sure you will get lots of help and answers. I can give you my

My Junior was diagnosed with anemia in 2006. The vet thought was sue to
hemabartenella(sp). I know you say no fleas but as she explained it only
takes one flea. He was put on antibiotics. In the meanwhile I had another
cat get very sick. Hospitalized with anemia, jaundiced and probable fatty
liver disease. He was hiding the fact he was not eating so probably
lethargic which is what I noticed before taking him any. Well he died at the
vets office. Even though on IV antibiotics and fluids. I go into panic mode.
I take Junior back to see his vet(different clinic). Well Junior though
showing no symptoms is running a fever of 106.5. Ok they keep him subq
fluids and she calls me to test for FELV. He had tested negative 4 months
prior to this, but symptoms dictated to test again. He is positive. He stays
on antibiotics and I am dealing with a crisis because I have 11 cats now 10.
2 more test positive. I isolate Junior and Tiny until all my cats can get
vaccinated. The other thing which stabilized Junior was the Immunoregulin.
His anemia went away and never returned to my knowledge. He crashed this
past spring with breathing difficulties due to heart problems. This could
have been brought on by anemia but he did not have pale gums or nose ,so I
do not think that was a causative factor. I had junior for a year and a half
past his dx in spite of being very symptomatic. He had fairly good quality
of life. There are other things you can do once Kitty's anemia is stable.
This is my experience. Tiny who was asymptomatic actually only live a couple
months he threw a blood clot and is unknown if FELV had anything to do with
his death.

Oh yes ask if the anemia is regenerative or non regenerative

What helped with anemia. The antibiotics assuming he had hemabart. He also
got several B12 shots when he was treated for his fever. I gave him Pet
tinic (vitamins and iron).


On 9/16/08, Joey Dickens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  careful how I treat them if fleas do pop up.
> I would really like to pick the vet's brain, but I would like to do it with
> a little more information in mine so I can ask him educated
> questions.  Thanks in advance for all of your help :)
> Joey and Oscar
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