Joey, I'm sorry but I don't remember what you posted about Joey last week.  A 
lot depend on the type of anemia Oscar has.  If it it non-regenerative and his 
HCT is below the mid teens you can start him on epogen.
My CRF kitty, Albert, had non regenerative anemia that I managed with a combo 
of NutriVed, Super B Complex, B12 and folic acid.  His HCT had gotten down to 
18% .  With that combo I was able to keep his HCT around 24%.
I rescued 4 FeLV+ feral kittens this summer.  They get Super B Complex, B12 and 
folic acid daily as a preventive measure.  

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Hey, I appreciate all the answers I've gotten thus far--I'm Oscar's
mommy--the cat who has feline leukemia and severe anemia.  Since I was still
reacting to the news (i.e. crying) when the vet was explaining everything to me
over the phone last week, I have decided to meet him for a consultation tomorrow
to get some answers.  I want to be able to ask him everything, so I was
wondering if you all could help me with some questions to ask him.  What I'm
pretty much wondering is if there is anything to do to help him live longer (but
I probably need specifics) and I need to ask him if there is a recommended food
that Oscar should be eating due to his Anemia.  

Does anyone know of any supplements that I should ask the vet about?  Vitamins,

Does anyone know of some specific foods that I should ask about?

Has anyone tried anything before with an Anemic cat that helped them pull out
of it?  

Oscar does not have fleas, and none of the other cats in our household do
either.  They are all strictly indoor cats, so I appreciate the warning to stay
aware of fleas, but that isn't the cause of his anemia.  I will certainly
keep an eye out for them, and I will also be careful how I treat them if fleas
do pop up.

I would really like to pick the vet's brain, but I would like to do it with
a little more information in mine so I can ask him educated questions.  Thanks
in advance for all of your help :)  

Joey and Oscar

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