I picked up the new FeLV+ kitty today and I am very worried about him.  He is 
supposed to be close to two years old but he is the size of a kitten no older 
then 6 months.  I can feel his bones as if he has been on the street starving.  
His eyes are a little gunky and his nose seems to be running.  He eats like he 
has been starving and he drank an amazing amount of water.  He just seems 
sickly.  I am keeping him separated from my other cats just in case, and he 
will go to my vet as soon as I can get him an appointment.  The other animals 
at this rescue seem very healthy, but I can't imagine why he is the way he is.  
 Does anyone have any ideas?  Could this be just another thing that happens to 
positive kitties?
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