Hi Everyone,

A few days ago I joined your group and wrote telling you about
the rescued kittens I have where some tested positive for FelV.

Today a wonderful thing happened......  An older couple came by and
fell in love with one of my positive kittens. A couple of years ago
they adopted another kitten from me, which they still have, and they
wanted this FelV kitten even tho I told them he had tested positive.

This is the kind of adoptive home we all dream about, and I was so
happy I cried when the wife told me they'd take care of him and spare
no expense for vet bills when or if needed. "Zing Zing" will have his
own quarters in their home and a happy life,  even if it is a short
one. They even gave me a $60. donation.....

Good things like this happen so seldom I wanted to share it with 
you. I still have more kittens who need homes, but this made my day.

Lorrie in WV

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