Hi Laurie,

Personally we only test cats once with the SNAP test if it comes back
negative.  We start the vaccination series immediately upon getting a
negative SNAP result.

Certainly I wouldn't go to the expense of an IFA if you have a previous
negative SNAP test.

But, as everything, it is an individual decision.

Here is a chart from the main site that may help you.


On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 6:01 PM, Laurieskatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I rescued a mama kitty and one kitten 2 months ago.
> Both mama and kitten tested negative for FeLV August 3.
> Mama stayed at vet office for 19 days. Lots of cats go through there
> because
> she is low cost SN who works with rescue.
> Mama has been at my house in a two room suite (with 2 sets of doors between
> her and my  cats) for a month. I am taking her to local vet tomorrow for a
> check up (she has had a big belly since arriving....has lost some of it
> with
> controlled feeding). I want to make sure she is healthy before exposing her
> to my five negatives. I am hoping to keep her. She's pretty timid and has a
> tendency to bite while she is grooming me so I worry about placing her in
> an
> adoptive home.
> I plan to have her tested for FeLV a second time tomorrow. Should I do the
> SNAP again or the one that tests bone marrow? Is 30 days in my house long
> enough or should I wait longer? She was in a cage at vet's office but the
> high cat traffic does concern me.
> Thanks!
> Laurie
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