Hi All,
   Got a note from MC about a former very active member of the list, 
some may remember Mari, the screen name she used was spiritcat.  She 
lives in the Houston area and was hit pretty hard by hurricane Ike.  
She's got a lot of very special-needs kitties--two leggers, in diapers, 
etc.--and they've been without power since Ike hit, and will be without 
it for maybe another two weeks.  She has been in touch with MC and a few 
others and when asked if there was anything they could do for her she 
jokingly replied, "take up a collection for us to buy ice: it's $2.50 a 

So MC asked if I could post this to the group, that if anyone could 
spare a dollar or two to please contact MC at her email here:

If you can monetarily great, if not, please send prayers that they get 
power back soon, thanks everyone!


happiness is being owned by cats ...



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