Robin, I don't know if Kiwi is crashing from the FeLV or for another reason.  I 
understand you are limited with funds.  One idea would be to feed him meat baby 
food (no onion or garlic).  Gerbers 2 Chicken and Gravy is a favorite in our 
house.  If he can't eat it on his own you can assist feed him with a syringe.  
I got 10 cc syringes in the baby section at the drug store.  The pharmacists 
may just give you a few syringes.  Notice I said assist feed not force feed.  
It is a state of mind.  You are assisting Kiwi to eat.  There is a great Yahoo 
Assist Feeding group that you can join.
A kitty who isn't eating has less desire to eat, especially a kitty who has 
been throwing up.
Original Strength Pepcid AC (not any of the other versions of Pepcid) or 
Famotidine, the generic version helps with stomach acid.  I'd try 1/4 of a 10 
mg tablet once a day to see if it helps.  I crush it, dissolve it in a little 
water, add it to the baby food and syringe it to my cats. 
You could try adding some peas or squash baby food to his food for the 
diarrhea.  Canned pumpkin (not pie filling) works too.  Usually 1/2 tsp with 
every feeding.  Slippery Elm Bark, which is found in health food stores, is one 
of those good for everything supplements.   It is a powder that can be added to 
food or dissolved in water and syringed. SEB helps nausea, diarrhea and 
Just wanted to put some ideas out there on how you could make Kiwi more 

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Subject: [Felvtalk] Kiwi - Sad
Date: Sunday, September 28, 2008, 9:57 AM

I have not posted for a while about kiwi.  I think the last one I told you that
my son was going to put him on a Bandfield Plan.  He never did.  Before that I
tried to find a rescue who would take him, but there wasn't any openings.  I
have no funds to get him to vet.  Sad to say, kiwi is really sick.  He is unable
to keep food down.  He usually likes his dry food, but he won't eat.  I gave
him just a little wet food, and he through it all up.  He does drink a little
water.  I just gave him a teaspoon of tuna (not cat food), it will take 5 to 10
minutes to see if he can keep it down.  He used his kitty litter in the last day
or so.  Before all this, he ate a lot of his favorite cat food.  He didn't
throw it up, but he had diarrhea and he was bony.   He was always full of
energy.  I can't let him keep going on this way, so I plan to take him to a
shelter and explain the situation to them and ask them humanly put him to sleep.
 I don't want to do this, but I don't want him to suffer anymore.   To
you who have not read my earlier postings,  I did not adopt kiwi, my son found
him when he was about 2 1/2 weeks old near his did sibling.  He bought him home
and we did our usual thing and gave him kitten formula and kitten food.  He
thrived.   My daughter who has another cat took her's to a regular vet
visit, but de sided to take kiwi also.  (this one time)  Sadly, Kiwi came out
positive for feline leukemia.  We checked him about when he was about 7 or 8
months old, and again he came back positive.  We new that we would not be able
to afford to pay a vet so we tried to find a rescue.  None of them were able to
take a Feline leukemia positive kitten/cat.   We live in Fairfax County
Virginia, which is a large county, but no one could take him.  So we did the
best we could for him, but it wasn't enough.  I don't blame anyone. 
It's just how it is.  It's just so hard when your hands are tied.  Well,
I better go for now.  I will let you know what happened.   Bye, Robin

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