I would not worry about mixing in this situation. jmo based on my experience of 
over 10 years of dealing with mixing.

Carolyn Rauschert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I took in a FELV+ male cat last May. He was a stray who wanted to come in, 
but wasn't neutered. He became deathly sick after he was neutered by the 
Humane Society. They did not test him first. Since I felt responsible, I 
took him in to nurse. I doctored him the best I could and he has thrived. I 
kept him apart from my other 4 female negative cats for three months. Now I 
am letting him out for a good part of the day. He goes in his room at night 
(he has his own bedroom) and I feed him separate as best I can.. All my 
other cats have been vaccinated for years. I could not keep him locked up 
forever. Single MOM.Carolyn
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