Caroline, I was saddened to read that Piggee Piggee has crossed the Rainbow 
Bridge.  He knew he was loved and that you were there for him.  That's all any 
of us can do.

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I'm cross-posting this from the epi-felines yahoo group.  Wanted you guys
to know I lost another the dreaded fip, yet again.  Thanks for your

It is with a very heavy heart that I report to you that my Piggee has left me. 
It is especially sad for me since Piggee and I have only been members since
Sept- when he had a weekend of cluster seizures due to a mistake in the pheno
dosing.  Last time I checked in with the group, Piggee's pheno level had
been tested and was too high and I was desperate to get it down b/c his lethargy
was so pronounced.  However, I took him to the vet Friday morning b/c his
lethargy was not getting better, he hadn't eaten, and hadn't had a bm in
2 days, and I noted the dreaded swollen belly of fluid in the stomach (there
was).  I was praying that I didn't have yet another FIP foster cat on my
hands...altho I realized that alone could now explain the seizures that began in
July.  I left him with the vet over the weekend b/c I had a bad feeling and I
have had 2 foster cats 'crash' on me over weekends in the past (and my
boyfriend was in the hospital all week and being released Friday and I needed to
get him home and settled, etc etc).  I did not feel bad about leaving Piggee
Piggee at the vets b/c he LOVED his vet and the whole time we were there, he
kept trying to get out of the room when he would hear his vet's distinctive
voice--trying to get to his vet!  He loved being at the clinic (I don't know
why?  But he did!).  He would just purr and purr and get all perky.  The vet
drew fluid on Friday and said we would need to await the full analysis but it
was bright yellow like urine-- which told me to prepare myself for FIP.  I had
already decided if it came back FIP, I would let him go b/c having 2 fosters die
of it in Jan and Feb last year, I didn't want him to suffer more- especially
since it made him epileptic.  Over the weekend, apparently, Piggee did
wonderfully (as I knew he would b/c he loves the vet and the clinic)-- he ate,
he peed, he had a bm, and he was overall totally perked up per the clinic staff
and just having a good time.  

But the vet called today and said he did great over the weekend, but he crashed
this a.m. out of nowhere.  He threw up in his crate and it was full of
'coffee grounds'- which was blood.  AND the full fluid analysis came
back and it was FIP.  So I told the doctor we will put him down.  I asked what
Piggee was doing and the doc said unfortunately, he crashed bad and he's
pretty much comatose, non-responsive, on oxygen and they had to trach him w/o
anesthesia so he was not happy.  That broke my heart and I told the doctor I
would be there as soon as possible to get there to say goodbye and let him go--
which is what I did.  

When I put my hand on Piggee, he barely opened his mouth and let out a low,
long, meow and the vet said 'that is the first time all day he's said
anything.'  As I pet him and stroked his nose (like I always did with him),
he continued to talk to me like that and the doctor just kept saying that
it's the most responsive he's been- that he hasn't even had much of
a pupil or eye reflex, but he's talking to me.  So he knew I was there for
him at that final moment..., as I have been there for Monkee, Possee and Brumley
in their final moments when they were called home.  

I will miss my Piggee Piggee so much.  I feel bad that I couldn't have done
more for him.  I know he never would have been given a chance if it hadn't
been for me.  I was his first foster that got him thru 2 URI's that I
thought he would never beat; and I was his final foster and home when the people
that adopted him returned him to me in August because of his seizures.  He was a
perfectly healthy boy, except for the seizures.  I wanted to get him on the
phenobarbital and treat him and try to give him a chance to beat the seizures--
which inevitably he did do.  

Thank you to everyone who did offer us advice and support in the brief time
that we needed you.  God bless all of you that care of epileptic cats everyday.
Piggee Piggee thanks you for caring for these most special cats.

Caroline Kaufmann and Piggee spirit.   

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