Hi, I am no longer a member here because I have no cats- I amnot allowed to 
keep any currently.  I rescued a sweet, loving, playful orange tabby kitten.  
He followed me 2 blocks from a dumpster where his feral family was living.  I 
need to find a home for him ASAP!. He has not been tested yet, but I feel he is 
most likely FHIV and F leukemia negative.  To my understanding, as long as he 
gets his vaccines he can not contract leukemia. I live in the piedmont triad 
area of NC.
Hi, I have a sweet, very loving and playful orange tabby kitten (male).  He 
loves attention and all animals (minus pocket pets and birds).  I found him at 
a dumpster, he followed me 2 blocks. I couldnt leave him because he runs 
towards all cats/dogs/other critters and cars.  I ask an adoption fee of $55 
which will cover his neutering, all shots,deworming, and a flea bath. Litter 
free with adoption. He is litter trained.  Declawing I find very unneccesscary, 
this one does not claw furniture and as long a scratch post is provided it 
should bot become a problem. If you really want to meet him, and decide you 
want him, I would be happy to do a price check of local vets/clinics for the 
cheapest declawing service and pass that info on to you. Please give a call 
ASAP if interested as I can not keep him.  336-317-6233
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