Amanda, my FeLV+ kitties haven't crashed yet so I don't know the odds of 
pulling through.  My Sissy did have swollen lymph nodes that improved after a 
round of a/b,  I do know a sick kitty needs fluids and food.   You can blend 
most pate style canned foods with a little liquid until it is the consistency 
of a thick milk shake and syringe feed Tora.  There is a Yahoo Assist Feeding 
group with more info.
You could also try meat baby food (no onions or garlic) if that is available in 
Japan.  Until you are able to get a handle on his problems it is important to 
get food into him.  Sick kitties actually need more calories than healthy 
There are meds for pain like buprenorphine (Buprenex) that are very effective.  
Please do not use Metacam (meloxicam) which can lead to kidney failure in some 
Hugs to Tora

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Hi , my kitten ' 'Tora' aged about 5 months was diagnosed with FeLV
yesterday, he was sick since last friday which I mistaked for food poisoning!
That time he had antibiotics and interferon injection and sub fluids which
helped him alot, he had swollen lypm node on one side of throat which got much
better, but on Tuesday he started getting ill again, quiet ect, so yesterday we
tested for FeLV and he come out full possitive. I live in Japan and they
suggested interefon injections for the next five days and sub fluids with
vitamins and antibiotics, since yesterday he hasn`t been eating, has been
dribbling sometimes and looks like he has inflamation of the intestines, when we
touch him, he cries in pain.  My husband is an accupunturist and we are doing
that too and I asking the advice of a homeopath too. Is there anything else that
I can try? Will he have a chance to pull through?  It`s not the first time I`ve
had FeLV possitive cats, I had two before, one lived a long normal life and the
other pulled through the first bout of sickness like Tora, maybe not as bad, but
I remember she didn`t eat for days too! But I lost her to Lymphoma cancer a year
later.  Any advice help, information would be truely appreciated!! hugs and
purrs Amanda and Tora.
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