My Yoda (non-felv) as a baby had a lot of that intermittent diarrhea as a baby 
(the archives are peppered with my Yoda diarrhea emails!).  I got so 
frustrated- trying everything- and unlike you, I had a stupid doc that just 
said, oh we didn't find anything in the fecal-- and I was like, well, you 
probably won't, so we just have to treat the symptoms!  Ugh, sucked.  Since I 
have done holistic care before I consulted with my holistic vet and she said 
try "wrm clear"- not sure how it's spelled on the bottle, but it's called worm 
clear.  It's a holistic treatment- natural.  She said it naturally clears 
worms, bacteria and can even work on coccidia and things like that.  She said 
it also just generally helps the gut get back in order- balances out the good 
and bad bacteria.  I used it on him for the 14 day course of treatment (there's 
also directions for a "maintenance" dose).  The directions are a little funny- 
it talks about adding it to water, or deliverying into the mouth and after 
talking to her about it, I went with the 3 doses a day in the mouth so that I 
was sure he was getting it all.  Comes in a bottle like a liquid eye med (don't 
get them confused!).  It really worked on him honestly.  It was weird b/c I 
couldn't ever get anything diagnosed, other than me thinking that he has a more 
fragile gastro tract b/c of his super rough start in life.  It does act up 
sometimes- like when I switched him from Wellness canned to Eagle Pack canned 
(oh lordy, that was HELL!  For everyone!)-- but I was really impressed with the 
wrm clear that first time I did the 14 day treatment on him.  Nothing else had 
It's definitely worth a try b/c unlike an actual medication, it won't do any 
harm-- it only helps!  I got some bottles from my holistic vet, but I have also 
seen it online at the pet supply places.  
Hope this helps.  
Caroline K.  > Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 10:56:53 -0500> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
To:> Subject: [Felvtalk] Kitten chronic loose 
stool> > > Hi all,> My FeLV foster kitten, Daisy (about 14 weeks old now) has 
had soft> stools, and sometimes uncontrollable diarrhea, ever since she was 
found> in the street at 3 weeks.> When I began fostering her about 5 weeks ago 
she had been taking meds> for coccidia for several weeks without improvement. I 
took her to my> vet, who has state of the art everything, including 
feces-testing> methods, and he found that her coccidia had cleared up (it 
never> actually goes away) and what she had was (bad) bacterial growth. He put> 
her on a 3-meds treatment plan that included 5 days Panacure. > She has control 
now, but her stool is still baby food consistency. > My question is---have any 
of you ever used an exclusive diet of broiled> or raw chicken to treat a 
*kitten's* diarrhea/loose stool? > I've used it successfully with my former 
adult FeLV, Snoball, but I'm> worried about the effects of an incomplete 
(albeit temporary) diet of> this kind on a kitten.> I'd also welcome hearing of 
any other successful ways that anyone may> have found in treating kittens' 
loose stools.> Thanks!> Kerry M.> > 
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