this is what is stated by a lot of people, but i really need to see some
actual reference to it. i have NOT found this stated in the literature, or
not stated in the definitive way that i see it used.

IFA-tested cats CAN and DO test negative just as ELISA-tested cats do. if
you wait the required amount of time after an ELISA and then do an IFA, and
the latter is still positive, the odds are great that the kitty truly is
positive because enough time has passed for the virus to have worked itself
out of the cat's system if it was going to.

However, if you read the literature, you will see that even the dumbed-down
versions say that, "MOST cats who test positive on the IFA will remain"

An earlier Merck Manual said that there was documentation of a cat who
reverted to negative on an IFA six or 8 months after the initial ELISA
test--i didn't copy down the info, because it was in the merck, after all,
and it  never occurred to me that they might remove it!

I've tried to track down the bone marrow thing, and haven't been able
to--i've seen references to how FeLV can AFFECT the vone marrow and cause
infections, but not that the IFA itself is LOOKING for that.

i know that i would appreciate clarification, so that i and all of us can be
using the correct terminology when we're off fighting the dragons of

and if you have a positive IFA taken at the same time as the ELISA,
RETEST!!!!!!! all the major vet associations say you MUST RETEST after
waiting for the cat's system to kick in.


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