Ok, guys, now I need more help!  I picked the kittens up tonight and after I 
got home, I saw that only one tested positive.  Can the other kittens be with 
her?  Even though they tested negative, is the Humane Society worried that the 
others will eventually test positive?  I don't understand any of this!  

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> Sally, I personally would not vaccinate a positive cat. See
> Jean Dodds'
> and Charles Loop's (both vets) views here. (The
> paragraph below is taken
> from the website.) Kerry M.
> http://www.newsagepress.com/protectyourpet.html
> >>>All packages of vaccinations carry warnings
> that they should be
> injected only in healthy animals. In the case of cats,
> vaccine
> manufacturers advise against vaccinating pregnant or
> nursing cats.
> However, many pets are not healthy when vaccinated although
> they might
> not have outward signs of health problems. Charles Loops,
> DVM, a
> holistic veterinarian from Pittsboro, North Carolina, notes
> that
> "chemically killed viruses or bacteria are injected
> directly into the
> blood stream, which is an unnatural route of
> infection." (7) This causes
> the animal's antibodies to attempt to fight off the
> offending virus
> molecules and render them harmless. If the animal's
> immune system is too
> weakened, he or she cannot fight off these viruses and can
> develop a
> reaction to the vaccine. Even small amounts of a virus that
> is
> introduced through a vaccination may be too much for sick
> animals to
> fight off. They then may fall ill from the very disease to
> which they
> have been vaccinated.<<<
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> Another question.  My kittens tested positive with the
> ELISA test.  May
> they have their vaccines?  Mom gets tested Friday.  If
> positive, may she
> have her vaccines?  May she be spayed?
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