Thank you all for your words of advice and for informing me about the 
stomatitis group, I have learned a lot just from reading their posts.

After hearing what everyone has said and after all the research I've done - I 
believe having Bea's teeth extracted will be best for her. As with any decision 
I just need to get past my own fears and think of what is best for her in the 
long run. 

Karen M - For as much as I trust my vet, I would not have them do the full 
extraction.  My vet referred me to the specialist because like she said - Would 
you go to your family dr to have all  your teeth pulled?  However, it is very, 
very expensive - a lot more than I even thought but it's what needs to be done.

Right now Bea's surgery is tentatively scheduled for Dec 4th so I will keep 
everyone posted.
Thanks again.


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I am posting this on a few groups - so I apologize for those who see this more 
than once. I just want to make sure I get as much advice as possible.

My FeLv+, Bea, has had recurring gingivitis since she adopted me a year ago. 
Her gums get red and swollen. We've tried numerous treatments 
(brushing,antibiotics,anti-virals,cleaning) but to no avail nothing is helping 
her. The anti-biotics worked but have since stopped (which has me worried on a 
whole other level).
Other than her gum issue she is a healthy 3 year old.

I took her to a dental specialist yesterday who said the best course of action 
at this point would be partial, possibly full extraction. He said it was 
stomatitis, but nothing like the pictures I've seen on it - beginning stages. I 
was wondering if anyone else has had either full or partial extraction done and 
could offer any suggestions/advice.
I know it's probably the right thing to do but I'm just wondering how others 
have adjusted to life with no or few teeth. And if anyone has experienced any 
complications I should be made aware of.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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