Sue, I'm so very sorry.  Gentle rest to your little guy.

Diane R. 

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Today I had to have my sweet little kitty Buzz PTS.  I feel like a very
large piece of me is missing.

The first time I saw Buzz I fell in love with him.  He was terrified,
cowering between two up-ended mattresses in an unused bedroom at my
brothers' house.  He had been abused by neighborhood boys in an urban
area where my brother used to live.  When my sister in law, Lee, rescued
him he was very sick, full of parasites, starving and near death.  She
and my brother nursed him back to physical health but he was still
terrified of people. They named him Buzz Saw because of the way his
claws flew whenever anyone got near him.  That day Lee caught him in a
blanket and handed him to me.  I sat with him and gently pet him and
talked to him.  Within about 20 minutes he was purring. Before we left
that day he reached up to me and touched noses.

After about a week I talked my husband into keeping him.  When I brought
him home I put him into our study so he had a smaller space to get used
to, and to keep him separate from the other cats. When I took him to the
vet a few days later his feline leukemia test came back positive.  Buzz
was going to live in the study for quite a while so I filled it with cat
toys and a cat tree and pretty much spoiled him as much as much as I
could. Every evening I would spend hours with him.  I was working on a
computer project and he kept me company with that. That is how it was
from January of '07 to April.  At that point it was clear that keeping
him separate was not working.  We vaccinated the other cats for feline
leukemia and released Buzzy into the rest of the house.  He loved his
new freedom and became every ones quiet little shadow. He loved to watch
what was going on.  His favorite place was a window bench that looks out
on the bird feeder.  At night he either slept on a ledge right behind my
head or cuddled up next to me, purring.  When July came I noticed that
he seemed to have no energy and was not eating.  When we took him to the
vet the diagnosis was anemia.  With heavy doses of prednesolone his
health and red blood count began to come back.  I was so happy watching
my sweet boy gaining back his energy and appetite.  While he was
recuperating I would take him out to sit on the deck on my lap.  He
loved sniffing the outdoor smells and feeling the warm sunshine on his
fur.  He would sit and purr out there for as long as I could sit and
hold him.  In the evenings Buzzy loved to chase DaBird and the laser
pointer.  His blood was being tested every couple of weeks and soon it
was in the normal range.  We began to back off on the prednesolone.  For
several weeks everything was going well until the week that his blood
count started going the wrong direction.  I prayed that it was just the
one time but unfortunately not.  That horrible disease was in his bone
marrow and the medication was no longer helping.  For the last several
weeks I watched as he became more and more lethargic.  We offered him
every special treat we could think of to keep him eating and he would
nibble on those tidbits almost to the end.  He would sit all day on his
window seat and for the last week we carried him to the litter box.  He
always watched every move I made as I moved around the kitchen. Today
when he just put his head down in exhaustion instead of watching, I knew
it was time to say goodbye to my darling boy. When I took him to the vet
I told him how much I have loved him and asked him to meet me at the
bridge.  Then he went to sleep in my arms.  I will miss him so very
much, but now he is in a place where there is no feline leukemia.


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