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I haven't been here for awhile, but I do know about high fevers..Check the 
archives on Bandy.   He was my baby...We dealt with high fever from the time of 
his diag.until he passed.   We did all the usual things antibiotics, 
etc...without much results..
Anyway, every time his temp reached around 105 or 106 in the beginning, he got 
a shot of dex and it would go right down within a few hours.  After months of 
rushing to the vet for fluids and a shot, we decided to put him on dex pills as 
needed...I could always tell when he was getting a temp, too.  So my vet wrote 
a script for dex. .75mg pills... I would give him 1/4 of this pill if his temp 
got even to 103 then it would go down for wks at a time or a least a wk.  If it 
were higher, then I would go ahead and give him the whole pill. Within a few 
hours, he was perky and eating good again and just ready to go..The bad thing 
with so much steroid use, is worrying if he would become diabetic.  He had 
regular blood work though so that never was a problem for him. 
Check with your vet to see if they might let you have some dex pills and use as 
Low dose prednisone didn't work for this either as we tried it...only the dex. 
You can email me direct if you want.  
Good luck to you and your kitty,
Kerry and Angel Bandy, Buster, Inky, Lil Rascal and Snoopy

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