Dear Sue,  I have been thru this so many times, and knowing WHEN to
put a kitty down is s terrible decision.  No matter when you do it you
will feel you either did it too soon, and your cat may have been able
to live longer, or you'll think you waited too long, and your cat
suffered.... I believe your Buzzy used the last of his strength to
fight going into the cat carrier, because we all know how much cats
hate being put in carriers!  I don't think it meant he was going to
get better. We all hope our cats will die at home in their sleep, but
this so seldom happens, and I know how awful it is to have to make
the decision to take them to the vet to be put to sleep.  Don't let
this haunt you.  He knew he was loved, and I'm sure you made the
right decision.


> On 11-23, Sue & Frank Koren wrote: Jane, What a wonderful idea.  I
> believe it is because of this list that Buzz was able to have his
> last few months of life, and to donate to the list in his memory
> would be just the thing.  I am by no means wealthy and I have no
> idea how much running something like this costs, but maybe my
> little drop in the bucket would help some.  It is probably selfish,
> but to set up my own little "Buzzy Fund" that I add to regularly
> and then give away would make me feel a little better.  This has
> been such a heartbreaking weekend.  I am really wondering if I
> should not have had him PTS.  When I went to put him in his carrier
> he struggled to push his way out with more energy than he has had
> in at least a week.  The image of him trying to get away will live
> with me forever.  : ( All I wanted was for him not to be in pain.

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