I just wanted to thank everyone who posted in response to my "LTIC/Imulan & 
Losing Kitties" message. Your support and well wishes were wonderful and 

Others who don't know much about FeLV can have some interesting responses 
sometimes. I had one of my neighbors come over to feed our cat Neo for a couple 
of days while we were away once. She ended up coming down with some horrible 
rash around the same time all over her body. She instantly thought it was due 
to FeLV. Even her vet told her it wouldn't have caused those symptoms in 
people! I don't know if she ever found out the true cause of her skin 
condition, but again the first thought was to blame my cat!

But I digress. Hopefully I'll find a cat sitter next time I go away that isn't 
fearful of the illness. 

We started Neo on the LTIC shots this past week. He's in good health now so 
hopefully it will prolong his life. Does anyone have experience with LTIC with 
their kitties?

Thanks again and I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. :)

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