Gentle Bridge vibes to Woodgie.  That's way too young, but if as you say
there's a history of heart trouble in her family, it's probably a good
age for her.  Sorry it was so sudden though, it must have been so
horrible for you.  Hugs.

Never too late to acknowledge Grey.  He's probably welcoming Woodgie to
the Bridge along with your other angels.

Diane R. 

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Dear Belinda,
    Would you please add my Woodgie's name to the candlelighting
ceremony list?  She was not feline leukemia positive.  She was 9 years
old, a sweet little tortie girl, who had severe allergies all her life,
including those awful rodent ulcers on her lip now and then.  I don't
know what she died of but since she was doing great only hours
beforehand, and demanding her lunch and eating it heartily, I am
thinking heart.  Two of her siblings died young of heart problems but
since she survived her youth, I thought she was safe.  She died
Thanksgiving day, November 27, 2008.

    Grey died on May 17th, 2008, at age 16.  I feel terrible I forgot to
ask you to add his name to the list at that time, apparently.  He was
not FeLV positive, either.  He was really my daughter's cat, although he
ended up with me for most of his life.  He was a friendly, bottle-cap
fetching lovable comedian, all grey but with a white splash on his chest
for flair.  He died of liver cancer.

   Thanks, Belinda,
Anne in Michigan with FeLV angels Buggs, Jimi Too Cool, Simms, Nala and
Sammy and  other beloveds waiting for me at the bridge
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