I'm so sorry for your loss, Anne, and wish you lovely memories of 
these sweeties who are now safe at the Bridge.  Gloria

At 01:45 PM 12/9/2008, Anne wrote:
>Dear Belinda,
>     Would you please add my Woodgie's name to the candlelighting 
> ceremony list?  She was not feline leukemia positive.  She was 9 
> years old, a sweet little tortie girl, who had severe allergies all 
> her life, including those awful rodent ulcers on her lip now and 
> then.  I don't know what she died of but since she was doing great 
> only hours beforehand, and demanding her lunch and eating it 
> heartily, I am thinking heart.  Two of her siblings died young of 
> heart problems but since she survived her youth, I thought she was 
> safe.  She died Thanksgiving day, November 27, 2008.
>     Grey died on May 17th, 2008, at age 16.  I feel terrible I 
> forgot to ask you to add his name to the list at that time, 
> apparently.  He was not FeLV positive, either.  He was really my 
> daughter's cat, although he ended up with me for most of his 
> life.  He was a friendly, bottle-cap fetching lovable comedian, all 
> grey but with a white splash on his chest for flair.  He died of liver cancer.
>    Thanks, Belinda,
>Anne in Michigan with FeLV angels Buggs, Jimi Too Cool, Simms, Nala 
>and Sammy and  other beloveds waiting for me at the bridge
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