evidently this is a new bug that is very contagious.  It is common in nursing 
homes and hospitals.  :(

dlg...@windstream.net wrote:
  yes it is. story was about Grace Voros, 85 who took a minor fall. went to 
hospital for x-ray. no broken bones, but contracted c. diff and died. article 
was in aarp bulletin for november 2008. if someone will tell me how to copy 
article and attach to email, will do. dorlis
---- catatonya wrote: 
> what is the germ? is it c-diff? My grandmother died from that in August. 
> Evidently it's highly contagious.
> tonya
> dlg...@windstream.net wrote:
> just saw article in AARP magazine about a new germ that only Clorox can kill 
> it. it is popping up in hospitals all over. said that if go to hospital, make 
> sure all coming into your room wash hands throughly with lots of soap and 
> water. also bed rails, etc should all be washed down. seems lately, we can 
> get sicker in hospital than at home. one lady died from it. dorlis
> ---- Pat Kachur wrote: 
> > If you are concerned, you could wipe off your shoes with some type of "germ 
> > killer" before you come in the house.
> > 
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