Dear all
Hideyo Yamamoto is a former long-time member of the list who is
absolutely tireless in her support and championing of homeless cats. As
those who know Hideyo from the list will agree, she is one truly
incredible individual who has never met a homeless cat that she doesn't
take under her wing--I dubbed her Saint Hideyo while she was active on
the list.
She is filing for a 501c and as the cost is a whopping $750
(outrageous!) she is seeking donations to offset the cost and asked me
if I would post a message to the list. See details below. 
Thanks, Kerry
Here is the relevant part of Hideyo's email:

I finally formed a non-profit organization called, Street Cat
Foundation..the goal for the organization is to purchase a land and
build a sanctuary for feral kitties who were brought to the shelter and
on a death row... and also educate the community about feral kitties and
colonies so that people will NOt trap feral and take them to the pound
to be destroyed.. it's a huge dream..  and it may take a long time to
accomplish.. but never say never..
Right now, I am trying to come up with a logo and slogan and get the
website ready.. right now,, the slogan will be something like this..
Building a Bridge to Save Haven for our Feral Friends....what do you
also, I am trying to get 501c status paper work done.. IRS now charges
$750 for filing fee!!  So, i am trying to raise fund for that, too..
Are you still on felk group, Kerry?  Does felk group accept a
solicitation email? If so, it would be great if you could forward my
email to the group and see if anyone will be able to offer any
I have a website for my business.. - that
will take paypal payments or a check can be made at
Street Cat Foundation
c/o Hideyo Yamamoto
214 Edith Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Kerry, I am also going to use this video on my very front of the website
so that this is the first thing anyone will see.. and I am planning to
use this video and going to schools to educate students.. let me know
what you think..

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