My Tiny died this way. He was pretty much asymptomatic. Other than initial
treatment he never required antibiotic or all the measures I too for Junior.
On Christmas day 2006 I knew he was not feeling good, but it was not such
that I would have taken him to a vet even if it was a regular day. I spent
some time with him watching TV. He went to sleep on the couch. I left the
room to do some other stuff. I heard a horrible coughting sound, I had heard
from him once before. I moved him thinking he might cough a hairball. This
was a much more violent cough than that.I realized he was not getting air. I
got the tank of oxygen it was empty. His gums were blue at this time the
spasms had stopped. He still appeared to be breathing. I went to get the
concentrator. I got yelled at by ny husband for waking him up. This was 5PM.
I went back to watch the life leave his body. I am told he was probably dead
after the intial couigh, and he most like threw a blood clot.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. These kittens would have had no life
without you. They know they were loved and will be waiting for you at the
Rainbows Bridge.

 Love and peace

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