Hello Amanda
i don't think you could have done anything more for Chan.  i had lymphoma and 
it is a fast acting, vicious disease.  even human doctors don't know much about 
it.  when i got it in 2000, there were only 2 known chemos that worked 
sometimes.  i went thru both of them and when they did not work, was told 3 - 4 
months.  Gymzar was dscovered by accident and they tried that.  all it did was 
kill my red blood cells.  a year later i went into spontaneous remission.  i 
credit prayer and vitmins/mineral for that.  i have been in remission for 5 
years now and am still going strong.  try prayer, it does work.  dorlis
---- amanda <white-dai...@lapis.plala.or.jp> wrote: 
> Hi all, I'm Amanda I live in Japan, I don't know if I was a member 
> here before or not, I keep going from group to group, but I need 
> advice please. I just lost last week my beloved cat he was minus 4 
> months almost 7 years old! He was diagnosed when he was about 1 1/2 
> years old along with his sister. He also had a heart murmur that 
> developed into a full heart problem when he was 3 years old. Besides 
> taking the interferon when first had FeLV he never took any other 
> medications, he was treated holistically and was on a raw diet, he 
> would have cat food as a treat. He was very well sometimes had 
> diarrea if ate too many bugs outside or ate a rat! He was an outside 
> cat, but since just over 2 years ago I decided to have him on a 
> harness and kept him inside as one of our cats got into a fight and 
> had a heart attack ! He was healthy even. My cat (Sorry his name was 
> Silver chan), at first cried to go outside, I had an outside cage 
> for him too, and he soon ajusted to life on the leash, I'd take him 
> for many walks aday as I could. Sometimes we'd be attacked by the 
> neighbours tom cat (my cats are all neutered) and twice my cat got 
> stressed out and bit me instead as a result! But other wise he was 
> good natured. Since last fall 2007, I noticed that he didn't put on 
> weight on, I even forgot about that it could be related to having 
> FeLV , I thought maybe because he's on the leash and can't catch prey 
> much now, sometimes he still did! Those days I was spoiling him with 
> extra cat food with added rice, my husbands suggestion, I thought it 
> was o.k since he did have abit of rice maybe once a week with fish, 
> but he soon started getting stomach aches, so I stopped it, but would 
> still sometimes give a teaspoon of cat food as a treat, mostly I'd 
> try natural ones with no or low salt. I tried to keep him as stress 
> free as possible knowing he had a heart problem. He was also on DMG, 
> CoQ10, natto, and probiotics, for his heart. This year suddenly his 
> voice changed abit, so off to the vets and they thought it maybe 
> stress related, though I had gave him some chicken cat food that I 
> never gave before, so I stopped that and soon his voice became normal 
> again, that time was May and we had all the tests and x rays, and 
> nothing was found. During the summer sometimes he would vomit and he 
> always ate grass and maybe more lately, once or twice he vomitted a 
> little blood, I thought he just had a delicate stomach, so took care 
> not to give him too much food, ( he ate 3 small meals aday) He always 
> had some stress from stray cats passing on garden /land, taht May he 
> growled at one, so not sure if it was related. Anyway we adopted 3 
> more cats this summer, he's very good with other cats, but he would 
> get annoyed if they followed us on our walks, but we soon left them 
> and went alone which he loved but he didn't mind sharing the house 
> with them. Well just over 3 weeks ago I noticed him breathing fast, 
> I thought his heart had worsened but it was lymphoma cancer in his 
> chest and fluid arround his lungs, we tried chemo but made him worst 
> and he lost alot of weight, so he was just made comfortable for the 
> last weeks, he died on the 22nd. Of course I'm going through the self 
> blame phrase, I wish I hadn't given him cat food as snacks! and many 
> other things, I have anorther cat who has it now, he had interferon 
> and is now better and is on a raw diet and lactoferrin and digestive 
> enzymes, is there anything else I can do for him? And do you think 
> my cat Silver chan could have lived longer? I mean when he first lost 
> weight last year, maybe he should have had interferon again? I'm sure 
> it was all FeLV related but what could I or should I have done? I 
> really thought he didn't have FeLV anymore, and was just concerned 
> about his heart! Please also tell me your stories, what age did your 
> cats live to , what treatments, diet ect? I really don't want to 
> make any more mistakes, I feel like I killed my cat giving him cat 
> food that may have caused him to go downhill, or ..... I really don't 
> know, but some people say living to be almost 7 with FeLV isn't so 
> bad, his sister died age 3. Please advice, I'm making myself sick 
> from this self guilt!!! please advice and help me through this and 
> help me to help my new FeLV kitty!! Much love and hugs to you all, 
> Amanda and Tabby ,Tora(FeLV) Nora and Angel Silver chan.
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