Claudia, I have 2 cats with asthma (and 2 of my angel cats had asthma). Good
idea to use inhaled meds. That was a very serious attack your kitty had.
Inhaled meds go directly to the lungs (and avoid all the side effects of
oral steroids). They have kept Frankie stable for 5 years. We use Flovent
daily and Albuterol for attacks. Untreated asthma can scar the lungs and can
lead to pneumonia and other ailments. 

Yahoo has at least 3 feline asthma groups.


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Claudia, I don't know about a home made oxygen tank but know several
people in the heart group have made an oxygen tent.  They wrap a small
carrier in plastic (shower curtain or trash bag) then put the line from the
oxygen tank into the carrier.  
Here is the link for the yahoo heart group.
I know there is a yahoo asthma  group but I do not have a link for it.
Hugs for your kitty

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I'm relatively new to this board.  I'm so glad that something like
this exists for people with fiv cats.  There's some really great advice on
here.  I have a question:  someone told me about home-made Oxygen tanks for
cats.  I have an fiv kitty who also has asthma.  I'm cautious about using
Steroids on her.  One time she ahd a really bad episode, couphing, panting,
lying on her side.  IT was awful. I rushed her to the vet.  THey of course
an Oxygen tank.  Anyway,  I'd really appreciate the instructions, if
anyone had them.  Thank you, Claudia  

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