It's great to hear that he is doing so well.  Sounds like you have a good 
holistic vet, very involved in what is going on with him.   Keep loving your 
little guy!
---- Lisa Borden <> wrote: 
>  My FeLV+ kitten, Tommy, continues to do wonderfully! He is active
> and playful, and has a tremendous appetite. He will be neutered on
> January 29th - his holistic vet said to continue to give him the DMG
> to help his immune system with the stress of surgery. She also gave
> him a probiotic to help his bowels when he is on an antibiotic. 
>       This is so much different from what I thought it would be like to
> have an FeLV kitten! I understand we are very lucky, and for that I
> am grateful. His holistic vet says that after the surgery, once he is
> stress free again, we can retest him for FeLV. 
>       Lisa
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