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FYI for all needing to assist feed their bbies.  sorry, LIL bIT  JUST JOINED 
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> Dear Ms. Grote,
> Thank you for contacting Beech-Nut.  You will be happy to learn that all
> Beech-Nut® Stage 1® meat & poultry varieties are simply that variety of
> meat, or poultry, and a portion of the water it was cooked in (broth)
> necessary for the pureeing of the meat.  The water listed in our
> ingredients is called broth because it has absorbed the natural juices of
> the meat during the cooking process.  You will note only Beech-Nut meats do
> not state the meat variety and “gravy” as only Beech-Nut meats include no
> additional additives like cornstarch, salt, spices or onion powder.  We
> always recommend reading the label list of ingredients before using any
> product.
> Beech-Nut meats are made from meat muscle, only.  Beech-Nut does not use
> any undesirable meat parts such as tongue, heart, liver, stomach, or
> intestinal materials.  In addition, our specifications state that the USDA
> inspection stamp must be on each container of meat that we purchase.  The
> USDA stamp signifies that the cows were slaughtered from an approved USDA
> slaughterhouse.  This assures you that the processing of the meat was done
> so under the continuous inspection by the USDA governed by APHIS (Animal
> and Plant Health Inspection Service) the US Department of Agriculture.  .
> Since 1931 Beech-Nut has been proud to produce our fine quality baby food.
> We are an all natural product with added vitamins and minerals.  As an
> example: our Beech-Nut Stage 1 and Stage 2 Applesauce is, simply, Apples,
> water necessary for preparation, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).  We always
> encourage our consumers to read the label of any food to know exactly
> what’s in the product they plan to use.
> Did you know that each time that you save and send in 48 UPC codes from our
> Beech-Nut labels along with a completed label program form, you can receive
> 4-$1.00 coupons in return. You may access those forms at the following
> link:
> Thank you for your loyalty to Beech-Nut. Enjoy your day.
> Sincerely,
> Mary Anne Howe
> Beech-Nut Nutrition
> Consumer Services
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> CLast:grote
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> First:dorlis
> Your comments:
> no baby, just a sick cat that needs extra nutrition.  was suggested i
> assist
> feed with your 1st stage meats.  Question:  do you use onion or garlic as
> ingredient or flavoring in these foods?  i ask because both are sure death
> for
> cats.  thank you, dorlis

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