Hello all,
I have a three year old cat, Mr. Darcy that is Felv+ and is in the last stages 
of his disease as best as the vet and I can tell.  He was symptom free (we 
didn't know that he was Felv+until then) until 6 months ago when he snuck 
outside and contracted an URI. He was tested for Felv+ and it was positive. 
After we got rid of the URI he still was symptomatic and anemic, so we knew he 
was definetly in one of the later stages of his leukemia.  
We've had him on Interferon, which seems to help him slightly and he's now on 
it everyday. We also have been giving him Science Diet A/D to help give him 
calories and bring some weight back on him, he's only at 7 lbs 5 oz, which is 
not good.
He's stopped eating the A/D so we are starting to assist feed him at night.  
Anything we can do to help him would be great.  Is there a website with 
information on this LTCI and where can you get it. Our vet isn't up on 
everything leukemia/Felv, so she doesn't know much. 
Thanks so much!
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 Hi, Has anyone tried LTCI by Imulan? Four days ago I started my cat Carl on 
this new med and was wondering what others experienced.  Lisa Cannata319 
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 text/plain; charset=UTF-8 I do not have experience because my cat died before 
this became readilyavailable :-(.. However reports are good from a Vet's wife 
on another group.Her husband is a cat specailist and was originally involved in 
the studiesfor this immune booster. He continues to use it on some of FELV 
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