Hi Lisa,
I'm currently using Imulan on my FeLV kitten.  She was very very sick before it 
came in. She was anemic and her blood caounts were low.  Since the Imulan she 
is back to her old goofy self.  She's not anemic but her blood counts still 
continue to fall.  That bothers me.  The vets aren't quite sure why.  She is 
eating well and playful and no sign of illness, no temperature, but I'm giving 
her an antibiotic to try and help fight whatever is destroying here blood 
counts.  I would recommend the Imulan and I will continue the treatments as 
long as she is benefitting.  So far the manufacturer doesn't have any info with 
regard to old or very young cats but they say that 2 of the test cats have been 
tested negative via bone marrow tests after this treatment.  I'm hoping my 
little girl cat, Taz, will start producing the right blood cells she needs.  
Her is are a couple of websites that may help.


hope this helps,

Nancy and Taz
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