I'm so sorry for your loss, but glad she was able to visit...

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 5:56 PM, Sally Davis <putty...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Please add sweet Baby Girl to the CLS if possible she was not positive but
> had 7 good years as a Feral cat next to where I work.
> Here is what happened:
> Yesterday I noticed the cat at work (a TNR feral) named Baby Girl was not
> feeling good. She has had a URI on and off, but never seemed affected by
> her. This time she was not eating and even allowed me to touch her.
> Normally
> she would have swatted me. We discussed taking her to the ER but we did not
> have a way to catch her or anything to put her in and it was closing. Today
> before I even got to work Pat, who is really Baby Girls momma with the help
> of another girl caught her. She had not eaten any food left for her
> yesterday. So Angel first went to a vet that is one street over from us.
> They could not see her gave names of other vets. I already decided to call
> my vet who is also close. She could not be seen until 3:30 first . She was
> in distress and I had noticed she was cold to the touch although she was
> kept by a heater all day.
> I drive her to Junior's vet. Since she is feral I also notified the guy,
> Phil who looks after her colony. She is only one of 3 or 4 cats that hang
> out next to us. He said they would probably test her for FELV in fact he
> wanted her tested. They vet had a hard time getting blood she was so wek
> she
> did not fight. Her temp was 94. The vet though she would test positive but
> she was negative for FELV and FIV. She had pnuemonia and was now coughing
> blood and she was shutting down. The vet was sure she was dying
> and euthanized her. Of course it was  a heart stick and I decided I did not
> need to watch. It was over before I even was out of the room. The test came
> back after she was pts. I called Phil to let him know. He will adopt out
> any
> who are adoptable and has kept many cats himself.
> Anyway I will miss Baby Girl. She was just getting freindly after 6 years
> and would rub up against all that she used to run away from. The vet was
> so kind she is going to bury her in her yard . She is now an Angel.
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