Regarding the doxycycline and ulcers, the vet (a fill in at my regular vet's office) who prescribed doxycycline for my positive said that specifically the pill form has a tendency to lodge in the cat's esophagus and lead to severe ulcers. We instead went with a compounded liquid version. Sadly even this apparently really irritated Denzel's stomach to the point that he couldn't keep any food or meds down. We were going to look into tube feeding/alternate nutrition, but his condition rapidly deteriorated right after the vomitting started and he passed away at the vet's office when they kept him to give him fluids/IV antibiotics and raise his temp. It seems like the doxycycline can be a difficult med to deal with, but it is to my knowledge still the best for treating hemobart.

-Emily, list newbie, now with 5 negatives and no positives :-( and a colony of (TNR'd) ferals

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