I started to answer this and I am using a laptop, new to me. I am already a
terrible typist so somehow the whole response got deleted before i could
send it. Drat,

Anyway I will always look for the why. I think a friend of mine gave me a
reassuring one for why.

She said Baby Girl was obviously older than we thought. She had no teeth
except for a canine.

My friend a vet assistant and former nurse, she say probably one of three

Toxin, doubtful as I think her death would have been sooner. We are under
strict guidelines for storage and use of pesticides.

Heart disease, and underlying symptoms

Thrombosis and in conjunction w/heart disease. I think likely. It hit her
very suddenly. She had blood coming out of her mouth right before she died.

She had a good six years with us and will always be missed.

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