Hi everyone,  
I'm sure by now you have heard of all the different raids of the puppy  mills 
here in Washington.
We are rank 1st in Puppy Mills as I hate to say.
I've been waiting a long time for this to happen.
Finally after years something has been done.
I live about 4 miles from the first raid.
There are 3 different people involved with this. A mother and 2 daughters  
possibly an aunt as well.
Mind you these people live in very nice homes. So they made their money  from 
the puppies/dogs.
The first raid consisted of 155 dogs/puppies of the small breeds, 4 cats, 6  
large dogs, and a few birds.
City of Goldbar.
Second raid consisted of over 100 dogs/puppies.
City of Snohomish.
Third raid had over 400 dogs/puppies, few cats, livestock and horses that  
were extremely underweight.
City of Mount Vernon.
Many of these dogs are being sheltered in the local shelters and foster  
homes (Everett/Mount Vernon) and the fairgrounds in Skagit County.
Some have been euthanized there was nothing the Vets could do because they  
were beyond medical help.
They are all matted and have sores all over their bodies.
Many of them have defects that comes with inner breeding.
Malnourished and underweight.
They had to live in their own waste.
I've seen some of these dogs it made me want to puke because of the smell  
and the sight of them.
It made me so mad that I wanted to kill these breeders for allowing this to  h
appen to these innocent animals.
Mind you this is a family ran business.

Sorry, I don't have the direct links right now. If you pull up the news and  
newspapers for WA. it will show some of what has happened regarding  these 
raids. Not all information will be displayed.

I don't need to read or hear as I know what's been happening but nothing  
could be done.
Let's hope and pray some good and justice will come out of this for the  
dogs/puppies sakes.

Please  vote!


Tazzys  Animal Transports/Siamese and Collie Rescue
Sultan, WA  98294

_http://tazzys.org/_ (http://tazzys.org/index.html) 

Terrie Mohr-Forker

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