This would be purely anecdoctal on one experience, but, we got a Mom
(double+) and her 4 kittens in March/April of 2007...she has outlived all of
her kittens, though she's also outlived other Leuk+ rescues we've gotten
within that time.   Other than the fact that kittens born with FELV
generally have much shorter lifespans (seems some on this list have had the
major exceptions to that), seems those infected as adults, really just
depends on the individual cat.

Of those 4 kittens we caught at 6 weeks of age, 2 were also double+, 2 only
FIV+...all went on to clear the FIV, but all remained or went + for FELV
(and were retested a few times months apart).

Just in case this experience is of interest...

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 9:48 AM, Rosenfeldt, Diane <> wrote:

> Emily, congrats to you and Tofu for having found each other, and to
> Kelley for babysitting until you did!  Here's vibes that you have a long
> and happy life with each other.
> FIV is much less problematic than FeLV; often an FIV+ cat can live out
> its full lifespan asymptomatically, and since FIV is much harder to
> transmit (basically deep puncture wounds and sex) speutering should take
> care of the biggest risk factors.  And yes, keeping them healthy is
> pretty much the same as with an FeLV+ kitty.
> Diane R.
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> Sorry, my mom was talking at me and I accidently hit "send" - anyway,
> I was going to say that from what I've read, it seems like the felv
> may be worse to deal with than the fiv, and that the precautions for
> both are about the same. If anyone knows anything different, please
> share!
> Thanks!
> -Emily
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