Terrie, my deepest condolences on your mother's passing.  I know how
hard that is.  She sounds like a lovely person, and I'm glad she was
able to get her "kitty fix" at your place even while living at the
convalescent home.  I'm sure she's happily cuddling all our Bridge
babies now.  Thank you for telling us her story.

Diane R.

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Hello  everyone,
I'm letting everyone know this is part of my grieving and makes me feel

little better. 
To let you know the situation if I don't respond right away to prior
Another email was sent to all the rescues groups of the same wording.
Many of you have ask about my mother and sent many prayers by emails,
calls, also in person to my mother and myself.
With  great sadness in my heart today my mother passed away this
As she wished she wants to be cremated and be buried with my father.
I spent many hours with her the last few days only home long enough to
and do litter boxes.
She was an  avid animal lover especially when it came to cats and
She was a  reputable breeder from the 60's to early 80's.
Her breed was  Siamese and Persian cats.
In the last  20 years she chose to take homeless and rescue kitties into
They were  given very much needed love and care.
When she  would come to visit me as she was in a convalescent home
during the 
last year  she would get her kitty fixes by coming to my home.
She would  call all of the rescue cats and kittens to her along with my 
personal kitties.  So she could be around them all and give them plenty
of love. 
She took such  pleasure in this. She would spoil them greatly.
Even feeding them such as turkey, chicken, and beef when she could get
with it.
Her services  will be at a later date.
I will let  you all know.
My brother is  putting article in the local newspaper about her within
next day or  two.
Thanks again  for all your support in the past and present regarding my


Please  vote!


Tazzys  Animal Transports/Siamese and Collie Rescue
Sultan, WA  98294

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(On The Road  Again)

Terrie Mohr-Forker

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