Karen, as long as you keep the neg's vacinated you should not have a problem.  
i have 1 pos and 4 neg's.  my vet said just watch for any changes in pos cat so 
things don't go too far.  he also said that as long as she isn't stressed, has 
good food, she might be able to live 10 or more years.  as for the negative 
cats, if they are vacinnated and they don't get into a fight where they are 
biting and drawing blood, should be okay.  dorlis
---- KAREN MEIERDIERCKS <kmeierdier...@msn.com> wrote: 
> I have 2 FELV+ cats needing immediate homes. They can be adopted separately. 
> I am in New York City. A donation to cover expenses would be offered. Angel 
> is a neutered Japanese Bobtail. Gracia is a one year old Russian Blue/white 
> spayed female.  They are friendly and healthy. Tested positive on SNAP only, 
> need retesting to see if virus was transient. In meantime, cannot keep due to 
> risk to negative cats.
> Karen M
> 917-519-0594

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