AT WHAT AGE DID YOUR CAT BECOME FeLV POSITIVE?   Kitty (that's his name) was 2 
years old.
WHAT> TREATMENTS DID YOU DO/ I groom him and show him love, (I was told this 
helps to relax him)changed his diet used oxygen 7 in his water, and 1 5mg of 
prednisone each day for 1 year..we now give him 1/2  (250mg) every other 
day..he is now 8 yrs old. he eats wellness and Fancy Feast.
 > WHAT LIFESTYLE DO YOUR CATS LEAD,  I keep all my cats indoors.
> ? LIVE WITH OTHER CATS OR NOT? Yes, I have a 13 year old Simba
HAS YOUR CAT HAD/ Kitty broke his ankle when he was about 1 and a half years 
old..I still believe in my heart this is when he picked up the Felv from the 
Vet...but hey told me. Never.
> IS YOUR CAT NOW?  Both are still alive ..and Kitty is as healthy as a horse.o
> sorry, but your time in answering would be really> appreciated! thanks so 
> much! hugs and good health to you and> your fur babies, Amanda, Tora and 
> Angel Silver chan. > _______________________________________________
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