I'm not sure i my other  went out or not. I included a pic of our Maggie 
and it got bounced. Never heard back about it. So here it is again.
 So we adopted a kitten back in early August named Maggie. About 6 weeks or so 
after we brought her home she began having some problems with gingivitis, 
sneezing and swollen lymph nodes. We took her in and had her retested for 
feline leukemia. She tested positive, we then waited 12 weeks and tested 
again). We were heartbroken. We decided to keep her because we love her and she 
deserves to live even though most vets recommend euthanasia. As long as her 
quality of life is good she will always have a home with us! We had another 
test (IFA) done on her to see if she was one of the lucky kittens who can fight 
off the disease before it sets into the bone marrow, but no luck she had a very 
strong positive. Anyway we boostered our other cat Sasha's vaccines since it 
can be contagious and decided to let it be in God's hands.
     Yesterday 2-10 we had a terrible scare with her. She had been kind of 
hiding like she didn't feel well all weekend and then she stopped eating, 
drinking, and going to the bathroom Saturday night. Yesterday morning she was 
very lethargic and had really labored breathing so I took her to my work at the 
animal hospital. Her blood pressure was so low we barely got any blood for a 
panel and xrays showed heavy congestion around her lungs. Typical for a FELV 
cat. The doctor didn't give us much hope. She said that even if she could fight 
off the infection the hard part is getting the to eat and drink again. Around 9 
pm we talked about taking her to the animal emergency center because her 
breathing was so bad but decided to see if she would make it through the night 
and if so take her first thing in the morning. I really thought she wouldn't 
make it through the night.
     We started her on Lasix last night and this morning she was bright, alert, 
and my normal happy little girl. She started eating and drinking again. She is 
using her litter box and her breathing is almost perfectly normal again. It is 
nothing short of a miracle, even her vet is amazed. Go Maggie!! God isn't ready 
for her to chase mice in heaven yet, she has plenty left to catch right here!
     I am so thankful that she is pulling through. She is too young for her 
life here on earth to be over. 


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