Thank you for all of your opinions and advice.

I went ahead with the feline distemper vaccination. Bernie has been
totally fine since....  The vet's plan was to do another shot in 1
month and the final shot a month after that.  I think once the kitten
series is done, I may stop.  Bernie is an indoor cat and the frequent
visits to the vet are changing his personality. He is very scared of
strangers and car rides now.  Additionally, every vet visit adds up...
normally it is  1 vet visit fee and the shots... this is 3 vet visit
fees and shots.

My vet also explained to me that Bernie was more likely to have a
reaction to the shot because he is allergic to it rather than from
being felv+.  I'm sure there are many opinions on that subject though. mentioned that research seemed to have stopped for
so long and just recently have begun again.  Are there any non profit
groups out there actively researching this disease?


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