Hi all,
Isabella's mom is considering moving in with a couple in poor health. They
have a cat. The couple's brother won't let her bring Isabella (FeLV+ and
asymptomatic, 12 lb girl) as he says the virus is airborne and she will
expose the other cat. I believe Isabella's mom would keep Isabella in her
own room. The brother won't take the other cat to his house for some unknown
reason. He'd rather poor Isabella be homeless than potentially expose Cookie
(his relative's cat) or take Cookie to his house. He has one cat.

Anyway, if you all would be willing to share with me how long your positives
have lived with negatives and not tested positive, I would be grateful (both
those who live in the same space and those in the same home but separated).
Also, whether you vaccinate your negatives....the couple's cat is an older
cat (most certainly older than 2 and, I believe, older than 5 years).

Thanks in advance....

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