Really great that the transfusion did so much for Macy, but keep in mind
there was some cause for this to have happened and I don't remember seeing
that addressed in any of your posts.  Keep a very close eye on her blood
count to see if it is starting down again as sometimes the transfusions
alone only help for a very short time.


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To all who wrote such kind notes and sent prayers, thank you so much. My
little Macy had her transfusion on Thursday and was back to normal
immediately. In fact, she began eating and drinking during the procedure!
One of my son's cats was a match and all went well. She went home that
evening and woke my son up the next morning chasing our other cat and
playing with her big dog sister. Her blood count had gone down to 6 so she
was very close to the end. I know that all of the prayers sent out was what
made the difference. Thank you all for your advice and concern.

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